Chalets Sara & Imme

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The chalet park Les Brûlins in Resteigne, the border of the provinces of Namur and Luxembourg, the border of the Famenne and the Ardennes, is your ideal place for a quiet family holiday in the middle of nature. Ideal for hikers, bird watchers, herbalists, but also for just relaxing. We offer you the chalets Sara and Imme. Both chalets have all modern comfort with full kitchen, all kitchen and tableware, comfortable beds, nice living area, TV, DVD or VHS, free unlimited WiFi, free parking at the chalet, spacious garden, ...... Your dog is welcome to chalet Sara.

Both chalets are second homes in a residential parc (not a holdiay parc)

You will not find super luxury in our chalets. We do not have the ambition to be a 5 star hotel. We do offer you a home for a few days where you can be yourself and do not have to be constantly on your guard.

You are welcome from 1 overnight stay. You should not look at week, weekend or midweek. You can arrive (not on Sundau)  and depart (also on Sunday)  on any day of the week.

You are at home and do not have to deal with some secretariat. You meet directly with the owner, you go directly to your chalet, enter the code and enter. Fridge, freezer and heating are already on.

Your time of arrival and departure depends on which chalet and will be agreed in advance. We always try to be flexible here. The standard hours can be found in the individual chalet description. If possible and desirable, you can arrive earlier and leave later. Arriving later and leaving earlier will not give you a bonus.

We will not bombard you with all kinds of regulations, but we do ask that you comply with some normal human duties in connection with the tranquility of the park, the fire hazard, and the safety of your and our children.

No night noise, no BBQ after sunset, max 20 km/h, no parking along the street but on your plot, do not exceed the maximum occupancy of your chalet and do not expand with camping on your plot.

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